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Radiant Swift Keto Inappropriate additives - caloric bombs A common mistake when preparing dishes is to add caloric products to light dishes. A small amount of the additive can completely change the nature of the dish - e.g. pouring butter on boiled potatoes, pouring water on the pierogi with bacon lard, sprinkling cauliflower with breadcrumbs or adding cheese to the onion soup. Additives can increase the caloric content of a dish by up to four times. The daily diet should contain a maximum of 5 g of salt, and in the average Polish menu there is up to 3 times more - 15 g. Excess salt in dishes is responsible for water retention in intercellular spaces and an increase in body weight, which is felt as swollen ankles or hands and general impression of heaviness. In addition, salty food is addictive. During her eating the same centers in the brain are activated as when taking drugs and it is hard for us to refrain from eating further despite satisfying hunger. Using plastic containers - risk of abdominal obesity Some plastics are made using bisphenol A (BPA) - a substance that resembles female sex hormones - estrogens, penetrates the body, connects to estrogen receptors, and thus disturbs the functioning of the endocrine system.

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